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If you are in the market for a new faucet, you need to know what's under the sink. The supply tubes are usually narrow and made of plastic or braided wire mesh. They are connected to shutoff valves and tailpieces. You will find these parts in the plumbing section of the Home Depot. But before you purchase these parts, it's a good idea to have a plumber check them out for you.

Generally, you'll need to replace these parts every ten to fifteen years. For the most part, they're made of thick plastics (PVC or ABS) and welded with solvent cement. That means they'll hold up for a long time. They usually feature a union trap and rubber coupler, which allow you to open them to clear clogs. Depending on the type of sink, you'll also need to replace these parts.

Find the P-trap

Another important part of the plumbing system under the kitchen sink is the P-trap. This is a curved pipe that connects the sink to the sewer line. It prevents sewer gases from rising into the home by trapping sediment. You may find the P-trap attached to an elbow pipe in an unusual installation. However, it is not necessary for this part. There is also a S-trap, which is a similar pipe. These are used when the sink drain isn't on the wall but the floor.

Call a plumber

If you can find the right tools and patience, you can try to change the drain assembly yourself. It usually takes about two hours, but if you don't have the patience for that, you should call a plumber to change the drain assembly. Even the smallest leak can lead to a lot of water damage and mold growth. So, don't wait to replace this part. If you're not comfortable with DIY plumbing, call a plumber today.

Next, install a new sink. It's important to remember that your new sink will have a garbage disposal, which will take up the most space in the sink. However, you can still install a basket strainer on the remaining basin. Next, install the under-sink plumbing parts. Be sure to take note of the location of the main water shutoff valve and the installation process. You'll need to install the drain pipes around these components.

Install a garbage disposal

The plumbing parts under your kitchen sink include the faucet body and escutcheon. The lever controls the flow of water and the temperature. The body of the faucet connects to the water supply lines, and the spout is external to the sink. You can also install a garbage disposal between the spout and trap, which grinds up food scraps and cleans kitchen waste. Other parts include the Drain Washer and Dishwasher Water Supply.

Connect the tailpiece to the tee

The P-Trap is a two-piece fitting. It keeps sewer gases out of the house. S-Traps are similar to P-traps. Both connect the sink to the garbage disposal. The P-Trap is made of two pipes that form a pronounced bend. The waste arms connect the tailpiece to the tee. Kitchen Sink by nivito.sg usually have two waste arms. If your sink is not designed to take waste arms, you'll have to buy another one.

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